So here in Boston we’re celebrating the 4th of July tonightwith the Boston Pops Esplanade Concert because Arthur is supposed to hit us hard tomorrow, but out of nowhere during the concert it suddenly started lightning and pouring and there’s thousands of people evacuating.

So, Happy (early) Independence Day [?] and stay safe to everyone else on the East Coast~

So remember that Paramore show in Boston 2 weeks ago…

As I expected there to be, a guy was handing out flyers for his band. (Fun Fact: me and my sister actually ended up standing with the same guy in the venue for the show! He was fun to talk to~) So this morning I decided to look up the pop/alt rock band up on youtube and asdfghjasdfghjasdfghjsdfghjk

getting that orange flyer might’ve been the best thing that happened to me that day

so the band’s name is Kill Madonna and you should give them a listen and a chance, cause who doesn’t love discovering new music they like, right?

I’m absolutely crazy about the female lead singer’s voice, it’s gorgeous

So you can’t have an opinion on tumblr.

No, really. After my earlier post, I ended up getting some hate mail with a lot of you’re so disgusting and fuck you's in it.

I deleted those messages. And if the anonymous person/people who sent me those messages happen to be looking back at my blog hoping for some sort of answer to them, you’re not going to get one aside from this.

I have my opinion and I don’t have to care about yours. You’re entitled to your own opinion as well, and you don’t have to care about mine either. That’s such a great thing, right? It’s pretty darn cool. While I stated in my earlier post that I didn’t care what anybody else says, I didn’t have any intentions of going to someone else and insulting them. Unfortunately, it seems like you didn’t have an issue in doing that.

That’s not very nice sir/ma’am. And quite frankly, it made you look like an asshole.

I’m proud. I’m proud of the fact that he was caught alive. I’m proud of the fact that the police department didn’t let him bleed out and die in a boat in someone’s back yard. I’m proud that they genuinely wanted to get him alive. I’m proud that Boston was able to persevere through this tough time. And we did it together. I’m proud of my city. I’m proud of my home.

He’s most likely going to be charged as a terrorist and given the death penalty. I have another opinion you’re probably not going to like either - I don’t agree with the death penalty. In any situation. And you don’t have to agree. And that’s okay. But I’m allowed to have that opinion and you don’t have the right to tell me, or shame me, into thinking that I can’t.

I hope you’re able to reflect upon what you did and realize how ignorant you sounded. Have a good night.

I don’t care what anybody else says, I’m disgusted if the body is that of the dead kid. He was a 19 year old boy who was hiding, most likely fucking terrified of what was going to happen to him. He was caught up in a bunch of shit his brother probably dragged him into. Were his actions forgivable?  No. But justification is not killing someone because they killed people.

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what’s so terrifying about this is because if we didn’t have school off today in massachusetts, my sister and i would both be taking trains into boston and going to school. my sister walks through copley square every day and goes right by that candy store. it’s terrifying

i’m so happy my sister is going to the SMFA in the fall. their brownies are so good and i can just give her money and make her take them home for me and it’ll be okay since we live close and it’s going to be just awesome. she can have a good school where she can continue painting and i can have brownies.

I remember the day my mom wanted to beat up a 15 year old boy because he called her a slut since she wouldn’t give him a cigarette.
That was a good Christmas.

my sister got accepted and is transferring to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts
and there’s a big rhino outside of the front doors
and i wanna ride it

I didn’t take the video, but I see me :3

4 more days until The Wonder Years play in Boston

i’m so fucking excited

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